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A bride, holding a bouquet of white florals, with a huge smile while her groom kisses her cheek.
Gainesville Wedding Planner/MasterPiece Weddings & Events
your wedding, our masterpiece

Our Approach

We refuse to believe that wedding planning should be a stressful experience. As your planning partner, we recommend an ideal team of vendors, provide advice & imaginative ideas, and expertly coordinate all the logistics on your day.

Whether you know exactly what you want your wedding to be, or have no clue where to start, that’s okay! The details start with us and we won’t let you miss a step.

We’ll even have some fun along the way - promise!

From Kristen:

“I knew we were in good hands when all of our other vendors were excited to be working with Rachel - ‘she is the BEST! You are going to love her’ they said - and they were right.”

A bride, standing in front of a floral graffiti wall, looking down at her colorful bouquet smiling, while her groom snuggles into her hair.

Image by Indigo and Co. Photography

A close-up of a mixed race couple's hands, showing off their wedding rings on their wedding day.
Gainesville Wedding Planner/MasterPiece Weddings & Events

Tell us about your love story

From Courtney:

“She does whatever she needs to do to make sure everyone feels at ease during the most hectic day of your life, and she feels like a friend while doing it! I could not recommend her enough!

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