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groomsmen laugh hysterically while showing off their Florida Gator wedding socks
Image by MasterPiece Weddings
A bride and her maid of honor jump on a bed and laugh on her wedding day
Image by Lindsey Tropf Photography

How many team members do you have?

We always have at least two team members at every wedding, allowing us to be in multiple places at once, making sure everything is running smoothly. Depending on a wedding's specific needs and collection, we can have up to four people (one lead planner and up to three assistants). Meet our team!

When will you be there on our wedding day?

I can't say for sure - every wedding is completely unique and gets their own customized timeline. Whether you're looking for a Day-Of Wedding Planner or a Full-Service Wedding Coordinator, we create a timeline specific to your needs. We tailor our hours on your day to what makes the most sense for any setup or breakdown you have. See what we do!

How do you feel about themed weddings?

We kinda love them to pieces! I get super giddy when couples tell me all about their Harry Potter/Doctor Who/Jurassic Park/Superhero wedding ideas. To me, your wedding should be about you both as a couple and all the things that make your love shine. If that's a wand duel for your first look - totally go for it! Ask me about the unity-sandwich ceremony we did for a super awesome couple when we get together for your complimentary consultation! See pictures from lots of our different weddings on our Gallery page.

So are you just like Jennifer Lopez in that movie?

The short answer is, not so much. While I do ADORE The Wedding Planner and would love the opportunity to give Matthew McConaughey a big ole kiss, the similarities end around there. I do have an amazing selection of fantastic vendors on speed dial that I'd love to put you in touch with, like J Lo does. I would also completely help walk the bestman through his speech (although I'd do it without the earbud). We do have the awesome walkie-talkies! Alternatively, I have a huge wedding day emergency kit, not a fanny pack; I promise not to end up with the groom (my hubby's a keeper); and I truly hate playing Scrabble. I also do not go around in high heels for your wedding - flats for me (8 to 12 hours on your feet running all day is no joke). Check out all our different options for packages!

What's the craziest thing you've done at a wedding?

Hands down, hide a pineapple. Yep! Totally did this. The groom was a fan of the tv show Psych and the groomsmen wanted to surprise him during the ceremony. They snuck up to me with a real pineapple and said "so we were hoping to hide this where only Shivan will see it..." and I interrupted with "Just like on Psych?!" I then got a chorus of "SHE GETS IT!!!" The rest is history. I moved it around all day for them too, just because I was having so much fun.

Do you only do weddings in the Gainesville area?

Not at all! As a Gainesville Wedding Planner, common travel spots for us are St. Augustine and Jacksonville. We'd love to travel farther as well! Contact us with you destination wedding and we'd be happy to work out a custom quote just for you. Say hello!

Besides planning, do you offer any other services? 

Yes! We offer things like custom chalkboard rentals, RSVP tracking, Rehearsal Dinner and Brunch coordination, hand-drawn city maps and fingerprint guestbook art, and so much more! Contact us and ask about what you're interested in.

We can't wait to celebrate with you!

We've got a variety of options for you to choose from. See which collection fits you both the best!

a bride and groom shoot pool during their reception at Cypress and Grove Brewery in Gainesville Florida

Image by Brian Miller Photography

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