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Why hire a planner?

We want you both (with your families & friends) to be guests at your wedding. Let us help guide your celebration so you can relax, enjoy, and remember your once-in-a-lifetime day.

 It's simple - hiring a wedding planner is a commitment to enjoy your day to the fullest. We take care of the details so you don't have to.

We'll remember that you want your favors above your chargers, that your change of shoes goes under the sweetheart table, and that tables 8 & 12 have extra place settings for the cousins that never rsvp'd (even though you called them a bajillion times, am I right?!). You won't need to have your bestie unpacking your decorations and stringing twinkle lights - she'll get to be with you, drinking mimosas, remembering all the good times and making new memories.

Rachel carries a bride's train while walking during photos on their wedding day at Cottonwood Ranch in Jacksonville Florida
Crysta laughs with a bride while carrying her train in front of the Cade Museum in Gainesville Florida.

Our collections provide a range of planning help, letting you find exactly the amount that you're looking for. They can also be customized, creating the perfect planning fit for your day.

Crysta buttons a brides wedding gown at West Light Farm in High Springs Florida

More importantly, as wedding day command central, we become your buffer. We take care of any hiccups, those last minute decisions, and details so you can focus on your moment and be present with loved ones and friends.


We also provide the support you need up front. We'll help prioritize planning decisions, recommend vendors that fit your style & budget, and give key tips on how to make the most of that budget. Let our expertise give you the tools you need to create the day you've both imagined.

Rachel laughs while fixing the bustle on a wedding gown.

Bottom line - we're an investment in peace-of-mind. We become an extension of your family for one of the biggest moments in your life. We treat that as the privilege it is. We're honored to be chosen to be a part of that moment.


We can't wait to get started planning with you!

Rachel flexes with a bride & groom's wedding tattoo favor on her arm
From Paul:

Our wedding was everything we hoped for, thanks to MasterPiece Weddings! They were the single most important piece in making our event memorable not only for us, the married couple, but also for our guests. We are forever grateful to Rachel and her team for keeping us on point and coordinating the whirlwind around us! The expertise, professionalism, and kindness they showed us is something we will never forget. They were recommended to us, and we are now recommending to you!

Need help now? Check out our blog for oodles of planning tips!

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