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Meet Rachel...

A little about me

I’m Rachel Griffin, Owner and Lead Planner of MasterPiece Weddings.


My passion is WEDDINGS – all the details and uniqueness that each couple brings to their own. I love helping execute the special things that make each wedding an individual love story.


A wedding isn’t, and shouldn’t be, about just the one day. It’s the start of a marriage and the perfect way to celebrate how you will build your new life together, from this day forward. For us, it doesn’t matter if your budget is $6 Thousand or $6 Million, it’s about you and what you want your wedding to express about you both.


My favorite things in life are my three wonderful, crazy boys & amazing husband (he's my lobster...). Nothing makes my day like smiles, kisses & hugs from them (and a cafe’ mocha from Starbucks).


I grew up watching Bob Ross on The Joy of Painting and absolutely adore him to this day. I’m a sucker for a good (ie. cheesy) romantic comedy, love romance novels, and know all the Friends episodes by heart. All things Harry Potter make my heart go pitter-pat. Crafting, painting and sewing is my jam.


And of course, being UF alumni, we are huge Gator fans! When not at weddings, you’ll find us cheering on the Gator football, baseball or basketball teams on the weekends.


Being able to help you celebrate who you are and where you come from is truly a privilege for me. I’m blessed to be a part of such a treasured day in your life. I can’t wait to have the honor of helping create and complete your dream wedding, together!

Click here to contact me. Let's get started planning your day together!

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