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Behind the Scenes Video - MasterPiece Weddings

Check out our behind the scenes video, featuring so many of the wonderful couples we've planned with over the years and footage of how we helped ensure their big days ran smoothly and beautifully.

This truly shows our philosophy on how we approach wedding planning and why we do what we do.

We love what we do here at MasterPiece Weddings! Weddings are our business and we love all the planning and details that go into them, especially watching the Bride and Groom shine with love on the Big Day.

The fact is though that we get asked a lot, "what exactly do you do?" The answer: "A little bit of everything!" This behind the scenes video shows so much of the little details and items we manage for you on your day.

Truly, we're here to do what needs to get done. Each wedding is unique and each wedding has a different set of circumstances that we customize our services to. From full set-up, to personal touches, to being "command central" for the day, we make sure that our couples' weddings go off without a noticeable hitch. We work as a team with all the different vendors that couples select for their day and make sure everyone's working on the same information and nothing gets missed.

MAJOR thanks to Heart Happy Films for helping us capture both the spirit of what we do and the couples that we serve. We are amazed by your incredible talent! Thank you so much for creating this behinds the scenes video we can show off!

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