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Including Your Pets in the Wedding

A bride and groom kissing while taking a photo with their dog

Many of our couples are choosing to have their fur babies be a part of their celebration and we are here for it! We LOVE including your pets in the wedding!

There are SO many different ways to have them play a role in your big day, depending on the temperament of your little one and how much you’d like them to be a part of. 

Different options for including your pets in the wedding:

  • Role in the Ceremony

  • Mini Photo Shoot

  • In Spirit at the Reception

Role in the Ceremony

Ring Furbearers or Flower Pups are some of the cutest ways our couples choose to include their animals during the ceremony. This typically has them walking down the aisle alongside a companion. Walking with them could be one of the kids you’ve given a role to, a bridal party member, or even someone else special to you both. 

You can have your florist give them a floral collar to wear or even purchase one that you can tie on to them that holds the rings safely. We’ve seen all manner of animal-safe ADORABLE dresses, tuxedos and bowties too! 

A bride and groom posing with their dog while the bride kisses the top of the dog's head

Be sure to consider the temperament of your particular animal before deciding to include them this way. There will be lots of excitement in the air (both beforehand and during the ceremony). Guests often cheer & clap, so you’ll want them to be comfortable around loud noises like these. They also should be happy on a leash. If they’re familiar with the person walking them down the aisle, that helps a lot as well. 

If you want them to walk down the aisle, but don’t think they’d be happy sitting through the entire ceremony, you can always have them passed off to a trusted handler on the side who can take them to relax after a job well done. 

We highly recommend Furry Ventures Pet Care as a great option too! They make your wedding day as special for your pet as it is for you too! They pamper and care for them throughout the day, letting you relax knowing that they’re in wonderful hands. 

A bride and groom smiling at each other while the bride is holding their dog

Mini Photo Shoot

If your pet gets nervous or may not be as well behaved around large groups of people, having them come for a special photo shoot is a great way to incorporate them.

You can have them come during your First Look with each other, or after the ceremony during family and bridal party pictures. 

This works great because a trusted family member or friend can bring them for just the time period that you’ve set aside and then bring them home to be comfortable the rest of the day. You’ll get those gorgeous memories and photos with them, and they get go home and relax. 

In Spirit at Your Reception

A framed photo of a couple's signature drinks at their wedding reception featuring their pets

For the couples that don’t want to have their pet on site for the wedding day (maybe you’re having a destination wedding, or your venue isn’t pet-friendly) but want them to be there in spirit, there are tons of fun ideas for still including your pets in the wedding. 

Signature Drinks - Signature drinks are super popular with lots of our couples at their wedding bars.

What better way to honor your pets than by naming your drinks after them? These make the cutest bar signs too! You can even match the drink flavors to their personalities. This is fantastic if you have multiple pets also.

A couple's favor for their wedding guests are dog biscuits for their pets

Pet Favors -

Rather than traditional favors, you could choose favor treats for your guests’ pets given lovingly by your own. These make adorable signs, guests always smile when they see them, and BONUS - these are amazingly affordable to

A wedding cake that has two cat figurines on top dressed like a bride and groom

Dessert Pets - We love when our couples have figures of their animals as their wedding cake toppers or hidden in cute ways on their cake. It’s a fun way to show them off that provides a special keepsake as well. 

Photos - Using photos of your pets throughout your reception works great too! You can include them in your engagement photos, have them in a guest book, or in a frame on your sweetheart table. We even had one couple make a fathead of their dog for a photo booth prop!


A small grey dog sleeping on a fuzzy purple pillow
  • Be sure to consider your animal’s stress levels and temperament when you’re deciding the best way to include them in your day. You never want to place your pet in a situation where they won’t be comfortable or safe. 

  • Make sure to check your venue(s) pet policy before making any decisions. There could be an additional fee you’ll want to know about, or it may simply not be allowed to have animals on the property.

  • Be sure to allow for the proper timing for however you choose to have them be present. Whether this is travelling time for a handler, setting time aside for photos specially for them, or even the time it takes to have a figure made or photos printed, you’ll want to pre-plan to make it all go smoothly.

How are you planning on including your pets in the wedding day? We can’t wait to hear all about your creative ideas! Comment and share!

A black and white picture of a bride and groom smiling at each other with their dog at the base of their feet

P.S. Check out our Pinterest boards as they have lots of fun ideas as well!


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