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What Your Wedding Planner Really Does

A Behind the Scenes Look at a Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner

I get it - knowing what your wedding planner really does for you can be confusing. Turns out we hear often (especially at bridal shows) "All my friends told me that I HAVE to get a wedding planner, so I know I wanted to come talk to you but...what do you actually do?" The term "wedding planner," depending on the person using it, has morphed into many different meanings over the years.

The good, TRUE, wedding planners out there know that to be a wedding planner, means being a confidant, time and money saver, point-of-contact person, and a detailed and positive ally for the bride and groom.

I like to say we're "Command Central" for your wedding. And that's just in the months leading up to your big day. We're in three places at once day-of making sure everything is just right and if any issues come up, they'll be solved before you ever need to know.

So I thought I'd write a blog post with a REAL timeline from one of our past weddings (names and dates changed to protect the innocent of course!), with notes filled in about what we were actually doing behind the scenes to make everything perfect for our couple of the day.

Here goes!

Ok, so of course, not every wedding has this many uncontrollable hiccups out of our fellow wedding professionals hands that needed to be dealt with and solved. We came together, pitched in with the other amazing vendors that day, and made it happen for the couple.

Typically, the vast majority of our weddings run very smoothly, all things considered (they should - we confirm all details with everyone involved in a wedding two weeks out from the big day).

Our amazing couple didn't realize anything was ever wrong behind the scenes - honestly, I still don't think they ever found out. That's the point! What your wedding planner really does is let you enjoy your day to the fullest. You hire us - you get a dedicated team managing the details and you get to be truly guests at your own wedding!

I hope that this gives a little insight into what your wedding planner really does, and wish you Happy Planning from our team here at MasterPiece Weddings to you!

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